Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

I got tagged!

I got tagged by morpho portis. Usually I don't do this stuff, but I really liked the questions, so I changed my mind. The rules are:

1. Link the person who tagged you as a thank-you.
2. Answer the 11 questions from that person.
3. Make up 11 new questions.
4. Tag 1o other bloggers who have less than 200 followers and tell them about it.
5. Tagging back is not allowed.

I don't know so many blogger who I would dare to tag, but I will make up some questions and maybe tag one or two I like to see the answers from. And if some others who read this, feel intrigued then answer the questions at the end. When you do so, please tell me. I really would like to read them.

The questions I got asked and the answers follow now:
1. What was THE book of your childhood?
- Uh, that is 'Ronja Räubertochter' (Ronia the Robber's daughter) by Arstid Lindgren. I also very much liked the movie, but I prefered still the book. My mum had to read it to me a thousand times. I always wanted to be Ronja and live in that world she lives in. My mum read me many books by Astrid Lindgren and I really enjoyed her stories. Another book of my childhood would be 'The Neverending Story' by Michael Ende or 'Momo' also by Michael Ende, as well as 'The Hobbit' by J.R.R. Tolkien. My dad always read the Hobbit for me though.
2. What dish do you despise and why?
- That would be cheese. I mean I like melted cheese like on pizza or Mozzarella or Parmesan, but I don't like cheese on bread for example. I don't like the texture and this weird taste. It used to be much worse, that I couldn't touch this kind of cheese, smell it and I didn't want to sit next to it at the table, by now it's better about that. Just recently I ate accidently cheese in a salat. I didn't feel sick afterwards or anything, but it still felt weird in my mouth and I didn't like the taste. Meh.
3. Where is your favourite place in your room/flat?
- Apart from my bed... we have a white wicker chair, which is very old and at the moment in summer it's standing on our balcony. I really love that one and my mum already had it when I was a child. I always have the sound in my ear that the chair makes when you sit in it and move. My mum said when I soon will be moving out I'm allowed to take this chair with me. Yay!
4. Do you have a quirk for collecting something?
- I collect old cameras. Most of the ones I have are from my granddad, but sometimes I search for some on fleamarkets. I also collect postcards. I like to buy them in museums or collect these free ones at bars or something. They can be quite hilarious. I pin them on my wall like a giant mosaic.
5. If you could have one superpower what would that be and why?
- One of my favourite famous people I like said once when he got asked that question that he would like to have the super power to make everyone love each other and be peaceful and nice to each other. And have instant orgasms. I kind of liked that idea. But I should come up with my own... I would like to shift into a bird (preferebly a seagul) and fly over the ocean, like the seagul Jonathan. Just fly, fly, fly.
6. What are you afraid of?
- Of losing the people I love.
7. Which three things make you happy at the moment?
- 1. My best friend, 2. Doctor Who, 3. that the sun is shining today.
8. Is there something you regret not keep trying?
- Sometimes yes, there are some people I miss in my live or that I didn't keep up with learning japanese for example. But with the people I guess I have to accept that because that's just how the world is. Japanese I could start again. But there are so many other things I like to do... meh. I guess it wasn't as important then.
9. Your current favourite song?
- Tears for animals by CocoRosie (feat. Antony Hegarty)
10. Who would you like to met personally? And what would you do with that person?
- Does it matter if this person is alive or dead, fictional or non-fictional? I will just answer all of them, I guess. If you would have asked me that some months ago, I would have answered I would like to meet my small half brother, but by now I have several times and I'm very happy about it. I finally can feel now that I have a another little brother. Anyway, a dead non-fictional person I would like to meet is Friedrich Nietzsche. Well, not meet actually. I don't know if I could stand in person in front of him, but just like seeing him from a far in a café or something, or maybe one of his lectures at university. A fictional person I would like to meet would be the Doctor, doesn't matter which one. Just the Doctor. I would ask him of course to take me with him for one trip somewhere in the galaxy. And an alive non-fictional person... uff that's hard. Maybe... Norman Reedus. I would like to hang out with him and take photos of some interesting corners in Hamburg. I would like to see him work, because I like his art more than his roles in movies and TV Shows and so on.
11. What are you addicted to?
- Milktea. I can skip so many other things, even chocolate if I want to, but not my dear british milktea.

Thank you, that was really exciting! And now it's time for my quetions:

1. What was a childhood dream of you what you wanted to be when you would be grown up?
2. A place you want to travel to (city, country or region) and why?
3. A movie everyone should have watched?
4. Imagine: The Doctor comes with his Tardis and wants to take a trip with you. He asks: Past or future? What would you choose and why?
5. Do you believe in God? If no, why not? If yes, why?
6. If you could choose to be immortal (for example a vampire), would you do it or would you stay with your mortal life? Explain!
7. Do you believe in reincarnation?
8. Do you believe in soulmates?
9. If you could be an animal, which would you want to be?
10. Do you believe in aliens?
11. Do you think religion is neccessary for humanity?

I'm sorry for these kind of heavy questions, but I really want to know what others think of them. I would like to tag


I don't have many other follower who read my blog in that great detail, which is why I won't tag anyone else. Those who read this and want to answer the questions are free to do so. Please sent me your answers!



  1. Antworten
    1. Freut mich, das du sie magst! =D
      Ich hätte so gern auch 11 Fragen an dich zurück gestellt, aber man darf ja nicht zurück taggen! >..<

  2. Mag die Antworten auch ^-^ <3 sehr schön

    1. Danke, sweetie! <3
      Ich hätte dich auch getagged, aber Jana hat das ja schon in meiner Runde getan, deswegen habe ich das nicht nochmal gemacht >..<

  3. OMG I got tagged! I feel honoured ... and bad because I have left my blog alone for such a long time. Thanks for giving me a reason to revive it. I'll surely answer them but I'll take a while because there are some questions which are quite thought-provoking.

    My book of my childhood has been Ronja Räubertochter as well! I wanted to be her (or Pippi Langstrumpf which is the reason for my current copper hair XDD)!

    It's so nice that you can take the white wicker chair with you when you'll move. I'm currently moving and I have to realise that it's much more difficult than I thought it would ...

    Shifting into a bird whenever you want, sounds like a great superpower ♥

    1. I happy you think so and I'm looking forward to your answers!

      Pippi Langstrumpf was one of my favourite stories as well. Did you also watch the movies?

      I can imagine. I don't know if I asked you that before, but will you be living alone? Ah and can I have your new adress?


    2. Oh no! I'm taking so long! But I'm so busy with moving (and that reminds me of the part about you'll be moving in the other entry! It just got lost in my brain because of the sad story afterwards D: Congrats! I hope you found a pretty apartment.)! I try my best to find some time and I'll surely make an entry about my new home as well ~

      Oh yes! I'm sure I watched most of the movies ♥

      You haven't asked that before and I'll be living alone. Surely you can have my new adress. I can send it to you as an PM on poupéegirl if you want?

    3. I'm looking forward to your entry and yes, please send me your adress via PM! <3