Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

'Gravedigress dig me a hole I can bury All of my love and all of my holy'

Last Saturday I spent with my grandmother in Hamburg. We did a Alstercanal boatrip and ate Sushi and enjoyed the weather while we could, because in the afternoon rain was starting again and we took the train to Schwerin. I was going with her, because I also had to make some photos for my aunt and her homepage on sunday. The homepage starts to form and I'm helping where I can, like taking photos, creating icons and so on. At the end of July we want to start the homepage and of course I will inform you when you can have a look. Maybe some of you are interested in it. Here are some examples of photos I made that day.

Next weekend and the weekend after that I will go to Schwerin as well for photos. But my little cousins won't be there, just my aunt and my big cousin, but he doesn't live at their home. Anyway, we will mainly work and relax. Well, of course I didn't make this entry to tell you this. First of all to those who don't know it yet I will move in the middle of July into Hamburg, it's definite now, because we signed the contract last week. Another thing is that I will work on some musicfestivals in July and probably also August and won't have much time, but it's an exciting job and I'm really looking forward to it.

 In this picture you see two babybirds living in the open centre of the house of my family. They were just starting to fly and during the day they flew out of that yard into a new life. It just looked so cute how they were always sitting on that ladder.
Another thing I wanted to tell you about happened also on sunday in Schwerin. The day started with that one of my younger cousins Katrin looked into the garden early in the morning and started to laugh until she finally said: 'Is it a usual thing that we have wild boars in our garden?' Good question, because there were 3 wild young boars in the garden, chilling. We thought they must have been young, like teenagers or something, because they were still quite small. Maybe they were out all night, partying and now tried to sleep off their hangover. I missed that early in the mroning because I was still in the bathroom, so when my little cousin Helene (12 years old) was telling me about it and was showing me pictures. At first I thought it would be 1st April and they were fooling me, but obviously they weren't. Also later in the afternoon they came out of the bushes again and I was able to see them with my own eyes... as well as all the neighbours, children and later the police, who didn't know what to do.

  It was a big attraction for all the neighbourhood for quite some time, until we left them alone and the police went away, not knowing what to do and waiting for instructions. Well, I continued to take photos for work until the evening when someone was calling to tell us that a ranger would come to see what is about to be done with the wild young boars. They were in the middle of the city sorrounded by gardens, children and houses and no one had any idea how they got there. During the day everything got really excited about them, even liking them and finding them interesting, because they didn't seem particulary dangerous. And now ... we come to the sad part of the tale. As you maybe can figure out while reading this, there won't be an Happy Ending. We thought the ranger might catch them with some helpers or drug them or something. When he arrived one of the three young boars already had disappered, while two were left running around in the garden. The ranger, with two police officers and another ranger came into the garden, took photos and filmed them with their cellphones and then... they got out their guns. Helene wanted to see it, although it was clear now what was going to happen. I turned away the moment I realized it, but it was too late. They shot the biggest one of the boars, drop dead. I went upstairs and hid in Katrins room, crying. Helene was coming after me after some moments, telling me that the other ran away and they don't know now where the other two are... No one was hungry that evening and the mood was absolutely spoiled. My uncle blamed himself that he didn't stop them. He rather had them turning the garden upside down at night instead of this. Everyone tried to think about what would have been better doing. There were these justifications in the room. It was in the middle of the city, they might have been dangerous because they were still very strong and could have hurt someone, there was no way of getting them out of there... BULLSHIT, I know. All I can think is, that killing an animal just because you don't know what to do with them is NOT A SOLUTION!
As I said no one was hungry that evening, we were sitting on the couch, watching Doctor Who (because that is the only reasonable thing to do in such a situation) and Helene was dressing up my hair in many kinds of ways. She was very good with that and she made photos with my camera so I can show you. But everything seemed very spoiled that evening and it still feels spoiled. Even after three days.

  I like the third one very much and in the last picture you see a detail of how she had braided my hair. Looks all very nice and I wish I could do hair like that. But I'm very untalented.
No one slept really well that night... next morning there was no other topic at the table but the boars. But of course all the talking doesn't change what has happened. It was a senseless death and there was no excuse.

Not so 'cheerious' today...


  1. Oh my ... I'm very sad now as well. That's such an senseless death. And I see how it spoiled your mood in the hair photos somehow ...
    And your cousin is very talented with doing hair. I'm so untalented with that. I can't even do the simple things in a pretty way D:

    1. It really did and I am still thinking about it quite often...

      Me as well. I'm very bad with hair and it usualy by far doesn't look as good when I'm doing something like that with my hair.