Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

'Twilight is better for venus fly trap' - CocoRosie

 25.05.2013 - CocoRosie at Uebel&Gefährlich/Hamburg

A friend of mine (I will probably move together with him and his friend during summer) talked me into going to this concert. I watched some videos of CocoRosie on Youtube and was quite curious, although I didn't really know their music, I wanted to go. The tickets where too expensive for my wallet this month though, but my friend gave the ticket to me as a present and I'm very thankful for that, because it was an amazing experience!

The only songs I knew by them before the concert were Gravediggers (of their new album Tales of a GrassWidow which is out since friday) and Madonna (only because Norman Reedus made a video for this song). When I showed them to Marie, she first had to get used the voices of the two sisters CocoRosie consists of. Bianca and Sierra Casady. Sierra has kind of a opera voice and Biancas voice... how to decribe? It reminds me of female radio singers in the 30ies. Maybe falsetto, a head voice. I read in the new Musikexpress (my favorite magazine btw.) about them and I couldn't decide myself if I find them too much esoteric or just very brave and artistic. I got very fast used to theirs voices, but I guess some other people wouldn't. So take your time and it's also not a bad thing if you don't like it. I do though.

So, as I said I went to a concert again without knowing the music very well. Just like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (I was there with the same friend... I can see a pattern here...). Usually I like the location Uebel&Gefährlich (I was there for Sizarr and Bonaparte as well), but only because I'm usually early at the place and grab a good view to look at the stage, but this time we just came in when the band started to play and we were very at the back and you couldn't see much. Also this location is better for parties I guess and less for concert (except they always have the right and good musicians and bands). So I couldn't see much of the stage, but they had an interesting instalation of beamers all over the room, which showed us that they had 4 cameras on stage to film them from different angles and you could see that in the beamer frames. Although they used a filter to alienate the picture a bit. What I could see was that they had many different musicians, an amazing DJ  for example who also played the trumpet and an highly talented beatboxing artist. There was also a harp played by Sierra and a bassist. All their songs weren't like they are on CD, they'll be completely remixed right there on stage. The beats were very deep and mostly extremely danceable. I could see that one of the sisters (don't know which one) was wearing some kind of antlers with tiny lights in it at the beginning and they wore black light make up and I think Sierra was also wearing a beard for some time. That is what most people think of when they describe CocoRosie: fake beards. When I'm listening to the new album now (I bought it on iTunes as mp3 download, you get one more song than on amazon or the CD) I think they played almost every song of that album. After the Afterlife was pretty much at the beginning. Tears for Animals as well (this video shows so much of their talent!!), of course without Antony Hegarty (of Antony and the Johnsons) who is featuring this song and Poison of their new album. Also I remember Child Bride this song amazes and freaks me out at the same time. When I hear Sierra in the background (where I wasn't sure at first if it is even a human voice but now I know it is), it sends shivers through my spine. Anyway, I also remember End of Time, which includes some kind of rap. I found it amazingly curious to hear Bianca rap as well live on stage. It was something I didn't expect. In the ballad break was Harmless Monster, I think. I was surprised how less people spoke during that time. Usualy westerners talk a lot and I already said how annoyed I am sometimes of that. But this time they all surprised me. 'And it's alright to recognize me, call out my nameless.' 

I suddenly remember... Biancas voice and her way of singing reminds me so much of Björk, I guess that's why I don't have a lot of trouble with theirs voices.
Of course they played Gravediggers in an amazing Remix. As you may have seen I put some live videos in here, which are very recent and the sound quality is not that bad. Just to give you a better 'picture', I mean about the sound. The live in Hamburg looked comepletely different from the one in Paris though. I also remember Villain, about the rest I'm not sure anymore. The gave us two encores and at the end they took one camera and filmed the audience with it and also got one of the female fans on stage and let her dance.

Just recently I read that the Tales of the GrassWidow album was used for a Peter Pan theatre production in Berlin. Here is a short video about it by arte (in german though)!

What should I say... the concert was yesterday and I still feel a little high. Their music is a niche product, so not something for everyones taste, but for me it's  probably not a surprise that I would like it. Where would I be without my freaks?

Pull me up by the roots of my hair
into the rosy atmosphere
Cheers, mates~


  1. I'm happy you liked the concert a lot, I think I need to listen to them~.

  2. Another great artist found by you. I have to admit that I really like the slow songs you linked here ...

    1. Really? I'm happy you think so. I was afraid you might not like them because of their voices.

    2. I was as well, but I really liked them. I've got the feeling that my music taste is changing right now anyway :3