Dienstag, 30. April 2013

Dress up for birthday party! Fck yeah!

Dear folks,
last weekend I was at a birthday party of my dear friend Jenn. As always she decided to make a theme party, which I always support, because I like to dress up. We have kind of the same friends, so we took the train together. I have to admit that I didn't make many photos, just with the birthday child, my best friend Marie and me when we were dressed up. There were others who took many photos though, so I snatched some of Jenn's post on blogger about her birthday.

In the afternoon before we arrived we had some very tasty cake, then we changed for the party and gave the presents to the birthday child. Marie and me gave her the wand of Severus Snape (Harry Potter)! I was really happy that she liked her present! Later on we started to play games like Tabu, activity and Singstar on Playstation. We had a lot of fun and stayed up quite long, so I was tired the next day. But I didn't really bother, because it was such a nice evening. <3
Here are the photos of my camera, on which you can see us all dressed up. The theme was a mix between 'fandom' and 'redlight'. The birthday child (on the right in the first picture) was dressed up like a japanese maid, next to her my best friend in a slutty Star Trek costume and I was dressed up as Starbuck (Kara Thrace) of Battlestar Galactica, but with the sunglasses and the cigar I also looked like a pimp. Ehem. But also a close up of the tattoo one of my friends painted on my arm for my costume. And I'm sorry for all the selfies, but actually I don't do that often, so I hope you don't mind.

 Oh well, it was a very nice weekend, but since then I was sick and layed in bed. By now I feel a little better though and I hope tomorrow everything will be back to normal. For the end of this post, here a video I'm watching and listening to on repeat. Song by CocoRosie, video by Norman Reedus.

Cheers, nerds~

Freitag, 19. April 2013

Easter in Schwerin - 2

So here is part two of my Easters posts. On my last day, which was a monday, I went for a walk around the castle of Schwerin with one of my cousins. I took some photos and also recorded a little. First I will show you the photos and then you can watch the video, if you are interested.

The lake around the castle was still frozen, but the sun was shining already with a lot of strength. Because of my filter on my lense I was able to create some effects with the photos. People can also get married at the castle and some of them put chains to a small bridge and binded them with a lock. As a symbol kind of, engraved with their names or something. In the last two photos you can see my cousin by the way.

The video is not in the format I wanted to have, but the Windows Movie Maker was a b**** and I was just able to create a  slightly crappy looking video. I still like it, but I'm annoyed by the bars at the top and bottom. Maybe one day I will have a better programm, that can create videos also on a bigger format so that they don't loose their data quality. The song you hear is Salvation by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the band I saw over a week ago. Please tell me what you think!

Easter from RaikaXY on Vimeo.

Cheers, mates~

Easter in Schwerin

A little late there is finally my Easter post (but I hope you all had a nice Easter!). It will be split into two parts, because there are a lot of photos and even a video I made. That is one reason why I needed such a long time to post, because I wanted to finish the video first. To cut a video together I need to be in the right mood and have the right song to do it. Today that was finally the case. This first post will consist of photos though.

 Over the Easter holidays I was of course in Schwerin with my family. I spend there 5 days. I needed that time to recover a little from myself and it really helps me to be there, because I feel save to think about myself, if you know what I mean. The first days, thursday and friday, we didn't do much. Just a lot of puzzles in our pyjamas and we watched the TV Crime show Castle, which was great for me, because I'm a big fan of that show. I know already all episodes, but I didn't mind to watch them all over again.

On friday we painted the first easter eggs. Just with feltpens though and I wanted to show you some of the ones I painted because I liked them so much. On saturday we finally used the egg colours and made many colourful eggs. You can also see that we used some oil to make them shiny after the colouring was finished. One of those made by my smallest cousin looked especially artificial and her sister and me wanted to make a photo of it, because we liked it so much. I think it looked little like a soapstone. We also decided that this night we would be the ones who would hide the easter eggs and not my aunt, so that the next day my aunt, uncle and granny would have to look for the eggs in the living room.

So the next morning was Easter morning and they looked for the eggs. I still don't know if they found all of them. We had a nice breakfast and you can see what lied at my seat, some little easter presents.

On the late afternoon I went with my uncle to his sailboat harbour to make some photos. It was the perfect light and he wanted to show me some nice ice structures I took photos off as you can see. Of course the boats were all away or inside, because the Schwerin lake was still frozen during that time.

In my next post there will be the last day in Schwerin and a video I made.