Samstag, 2. März 2013

What makes you happy?

I'm sorry that I don't update my blog lately, but somehow I have really a lot on my mind I have to cope with. And I don't really want to talk about it here. So I will just tell you about my week, because I was in Schwerin again. Two times actually just in one week. I went from last friday till sunday, then went back home for an oral exam in Theory of Philosphy (passed it with 1,3, yay!) on tuesday, and then took spontaneously the train on wednesday back to Schwerin. Mainly because one cousin had holidays (he works in Schwerin) and other two were visiting, so we had a really great time with a lot of talking, cooking, drinking and just be together as a family. It was something I really needed and showed me how good I feel when I'm there. On thursday I did an early walk in the morning alone through Schwerin and took some photos I wanted to show you. Actually just one more time to give some reasons why Schwerin is one of the most beautiful but also very interesting and exciting cities in Germany... well, at least in my opinion.

As you can see I was able to express my love for faces of buildings and architectual combination again. And I really hope that this gives you an interesting impression like how it would be if you would walk through the streets of Schwerin yourself.

I really try to post more again. I want to do some music reviews and I hope someone will be interested in that.



  1. Ich liebe deine Bilder wie immer!! Wunderschön, wirklich.
    Und wenn du wen zum reden brauchst...ich bin immer da, ich hoffe du weißt das.

  2. Hachja Heimat <3 Genau dort bin ich zur Schule gegangen :D

    1. Echt??? Das wusste ich garnicht! Ich liebe Schwerin!! =D <3