Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

My Timemachine.

Now I want to introduce a project of mine. I call it my timemachine. It is actually a single-use camera. I kept one for the last two years and occasionally took a photo with it. Sometimes I even carried it with me when I went somewhere. The actual idea about it is that I sometimes forget about it and then remember and take a photo. After quite some time I forget what kind of photos I made with it and when it's full, I develope the photos and remember again.This is my timemachine.
So just last week I developed a bunch of photos and scanned them to show them as well on my blog. Just up front I didn't change anything about them, just simply scanned them as they were.

  1. my mums birthday two years ago. She always gets peonies on her birthday. 2. my window bench two years ago. It's blurry but I don't mind. Most of the stones and shells are from Scotland, 10 yen from Japan, a dried rose. My window bench doesn't look like that anymore. 3. The winter after that. The view out of my window. 4. The summer after that. View out of my window.

  5. View out of the door of my dads house. 6. My bedroom with my old decoration style of my wall. 7. In Bad Hindelang when I had my internship. The view out o my window when the first snow came in November. 8. In Bad Hindelang. The mountain right infront of my balcony.

  9. Same, just slightly to the left on a more sunny day. 10. Again Bad Hindelang. This time comepletely view to the left to see the rest of the mountains. 11. At my grannies after my internship. When she made my teddy new. 12. At my dads last summer, when he lost control over his plants and had kinda a jungle.

 13. I have no idea where that is, but I guess it must be some airport, Düsseldorf or Vienna. 14. Vienna Hotel room, ceiling. The princess room I shared with my cousin. 15. Also the hotel room, the window when the sun was shining in and the curtain was swining a little. 16. London, Sarahs room with her little Peter Rabbit merchandise.

  17. Flight back from London, view out of the planewindow. 18. At my aunts house in Schwerin. Sun and curtains.

I hope someone liked to see all this. For me it means a lot to see these pictures and I also find them very beautiful in their own way.



  1. the idea is really really awesome and I really liked to see the post *_*! As well as the pictures, of course!

    And peonies are so beautiful ;_;

    1. I'm happy you find this interesting and like it! <33

      And yes, such beautiful flowers! Aren't they Blairs favorite flowers?

  2. I love this idea! it's interesting to see pictures in this kind of view

    1. Thank you so much! I think it's indeed interesting to see the motifs in some other kind of perpective and also in a different quality. You make the photos differently with a digital camera and some things also get lost then...