Sonntag, 26. November 2017

Impressions of the year

I finished up some films recently and I developed the first. I wanted to show you the result of which I'm quite happy about. It's probably the oldest film. It was started in Japan this year with the Canon AF 25 M and there were quite some nice surprises on it. It's kind of some small impressions of my year 2017.




My bae

Just at the end of the coming week I will have developed the next film I guess. Very excited. There still must be some photos on it that I made in London in September.


Mittwoch, 8. November 2017

Welcome to Halloween!

As it is tradition we always celebrate Halloween. We, I mean me and my lovely friends. But I have to say after my very big birthday party with so many people I wanted to keep it a little smaler this time. What I liked this year were all the amazing costumes. Almost everyone had one and made an effort. And then costume parties are actually quite a lot of fun.

I will try to show the best pictures of the costumes of the night but I decided I will also show you the outtakes. Because they are the most hilarious ones.

We decorated the place with a lot of spiderwebs and lights and everyone bought some food and drink.

The costumes: we had a deer, a wolf, a witch, Dobby and Winky from Harry Potter, Eleven from Stranger Things, Wednesday of the Addams Family, a vampire, a pestdoctor and me, Laura Palmer of Twin Peaks.



 Although we are such posers and perfected the way of posing for pictures, obviously, I love the photos even more that didn't went so well. Here are the take outs:




I was thinking next year we make a contest for the best costumes and there will be a price, like Queen of Halloween or something... xD