Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2018

Latest spring roll

I withheld some photos from you. Actually... I just forgot to post about it. I developed two camera rolls and I have finally some time to post about them. I decided to show the photos in different themes again.

Cherry blossoms
I had a real sakura phase in spring when I just couldn't stop taking pictures. Every year they just make me happy.


My favourite is the portrait of my cousin. I'm really so proud of this photo.


Berlin, Hamburg at night...


I like the style of the old ICs although the air con isn't really the best.

Blooming rhododendron

This year I was really catched by the blooming rhododendron everywhere. So many amazing colours. Sping is the best time of the year!


Well, I hope I get the next camera roll soon.


Freitag, 6. April 2018

The Nature of the Algarve

As I said before, I will put the photos I made in Portugal into three different series. The first one was about the people, the second one about the streets and last one will be about the Nature of the Algarve.

I experienced the nature of that part of the country to be quite different to the one we know in Germany. The tones are a lot more brown, the green is usually faded and mixed also with brown. But to think this could be boring is false. There are always spots of colour everywhere. They spark like little darts and can make you happy when you really see them. I tried to point that out here.

One of the major things I wanted to see was the Benagil Cave. You can only get there by swimming or with a boat. We took a boat that showed also some more caves around that same area. I was partly dissapointed because with a boat and a group of people it's not possible to actually stand in the cave at the shore. You can only do that when you swim or take a Kajak. I think the next time I will do that. But for this time it was okay.

 I had the feeling that the plants in free nature where so much more diverse than they are in Germany. Obviously it's not true. Germany has a diverse nature as well. It probably was for me the feeling because there were so many plants that I just didn't know. 

I tried to capture also many dogs and cats in the city. Somehow they are for me part of nature as well although they are there probably because of humans and not because of nature. There are some streetdogs and cats to find, but I'm happy not so many as I would have thought. We also found a charity spot for cats where streetcats would be fed by a woman who is funded by charity. The cats there looked very happy and healthy. She not just gives them food but also attention and pets them. So they get some lovin'.

My favourite part are the oranges. There are oranges and lemons everywhere ready to be picked and eaten. When we went to Faro the whole city smelled like orange blossoms because there where the trees every where. Another funny fact about Faro: storks live there on almost every big house corner or streetlamp.

I hope you enjoyed my blogposts about my time at the Algarve. I for my part really did enjoy my time there. I drank fresh orange juice every morning, went swimming in the pool every morning, saw free flamingos in wildlife, went into a super small seacave with a very shakey boat, ate oysters for the first time, ate so much fish probably as much as I weight, stood on very high cliffs, went to the most southwestern point of Europe, dipped my feet into the Atlantic Ocean for the first time, bought my first sunhat, and just layed in the sun for hours. <3 I love this.

Thank you & cheers~